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Mikes Pizza Gaff meet the people, people meet Mikes Pizza Gaff...

Pizza making has been a passion of mine for many years now. When you’re a student you generally live on a tight budget, you need to make sure you can afford your beer tokens for the weekend!

Now upwards of twelve years in what seems to be a 24 hour 7 days a week role, once a week, every week our family has a make our own pizza night. The kitchen has become a place where I can switch off for a couple of hours any chance I get and invoke my creative side and this is the story of how Mikes Pizza Gaff was created!

I was returning home from work taking the lonely 20+ minute car journey over the country roads of rural Aberdeenshire, never one to sit in silence I made the daily call home to the family.

On this occasion, I phoned right in the middle of my 9-month-old son's dinner time so naturally, I was on speaker phone and generally talking to myself, listening to something completely incoherent on the other end.

About halfway through the journey my son had finished his dinner leading to the inevitable war cries for his dessert. This is when it became my job to keep my son company while Emma raided the fridge for some sort of pudding...
Many of us I am sure have been there, trying desperately to strike up a conversation to a toddler without sounding completely stupid. On this occasion, and trying to veer away from the Goo Goo and Ga Ga's I decided to pitch my son an idea..

The idea that would bring Family Pizza Night to households across the country. A box, delivered to your door containing hand picked ingredients including artisan fresh pizza dough, authentic pizza sauce, mozzarella and Italian herbs. All that is needed from you is Time, a little bit of flour and you are on your way to becoming your very own Pizzaiolo!

Many of our friends have been party to either our pizza nights or on the receiving end of some hand made dough and the feedback has always been warmly received, so we decided to cast the net a little wider. More friends were given dough and the feedback was gauged and found to be really positive which has ultimately led us to where we are today! 

I hope you have enjoyed the story and if it resonates with you in any way why not create your own Family Pizza Night with the help of Mikes Pizza Gaff!


Mike, Emma and Rohan