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What's your dough?

If you travelled the world you would find endless interpretations of food cuisine, dishes that have evolved through likes or dislikes, culture or creation.

Like a cup of coffee, everyone has their own taste. Personally, I like a caffè latte whereas the better half prefers a decaf skinny latte 🙄

At Mikes Pizza Gaff we try to create something to suit all tastes as we appreciate not everyone likes the same thing.

We have created a series of dough options below that have become our staple ordering choices. We will also be creating limited batches of bespoke dough so keep an eye out for updates!

Napoli Dough

This is my go to dough, it is designed to be light and crispy and if stretched out right you can achieve the "pneumatico della bici" the bike tyre. This simply means the crust should puff up into a hollow void that travels all around the circumference of the pizza. Great with light/fresh toppings, folded over as a Calzone or even as a dessert pizza!

Roman Dough

Created after my time spent in Rome, this is a slightly heavier base than the Napoli Dough Great stretched out thin from edge to edge, perfect for Al fresco dinning with a beer or a wine. Top with heavier toppings such as pepperoni/chorizo or why not try my favourite, Italian fennel sausage and red onion!

 Rohan Dough

Rohan dough (Roman but slightly sweeter) was created for our son (1 year old at time of writing) and as Saturday is family pizza night of course he had to be involved. As most kids tend to leave the crusts we started with a Roman base and worked from there. To make the dough a little sweeter we used a fruit oil rich in Vitamin E, pro-vitamin A, Omega 3 & 6. The results were amazing, he literally consumed a 10" pizza all to himself..! Not just for kids however as many of our adult friends now specifically order Rohan dough for their weekend pizza night!

Garlic & Chilli Dough

What else do I need to say really, like a well known wood staining company, it does what it says on the tin, er box... Somewhere in between the rise of Napoli and Roman dough, infused with garlic, chilli and paprika this dough is great for chicken or seafood toppings such as king prawns. Started off as a limited batch, due to its popularity it is here to stay.