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Anyone can do it!

For some of us the thought of being in the kitchen can be very scary. Picking a recipe, buying all the ingredients, did I forget something, what if it's dried and not fresh? what oven temp do I need, wait, gas mark 5?? I'm electric! How do I know if it's cooked and on and on.

At one point or another we have all asked these questions, I know I have... But seeing someone go from struggling to toast bread to making their loved one a valentine's meal made from scratch is an amazing thing.

Our concept was to take the fear out of cooking and replace it with fun and laughter. To create not just a tasty meal but also to entertain. 

Our "The Full Kit" was our original vision, a vision that would provide a novice cook everything that was needed to create a simple, fun meal which tastes great regardless of how it looks coming out of the oven!

Looking forward to seeing the results from all of Mikes Pizza Gaff customers, don't forget to tag us!